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Window Replacements at Johnny’s China Cafe in Waterville, NY

Waterville China Cafe Window Replacement After

The crew from Clearview Vinyl Windows was in the village of Waterville, NY at a favorite family run eatery, Johnny’s China Café. The crew wasn’t there for specifically for lunch for this visit though, this time we were there to help upgrade the front windows. We were tasked with removing the existing two static picture windows and their original frames from the front of the building and install two custom three section slider units.

We removed all of the old window material including the trim before taking out the old windows, and replaced them with the custom designed new triple unit. Each of the triple units feature double hung window which are able to open in either direction to allow fresh air into the restaurant. The double hung windows are also easy to clean since each panel or sash can tilt to make cleaning less of a chore. These energy efficient windows protect the interior of the restaurant from 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and also feature a deluxe night latch for safety and security. Once the window is inserted in position, insulated, and caulked we replaced the existing trim, returning the overall look and feel of the buildings facade back to the original look. As you can see from the after photo the install looks great and now customers can enjoy some fresh country air while they eat.

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