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Causes of Window Condensation

When Water and frost builds on windows it’s condensation. Condensation happens when warm dry air comes in contact with cooler dry air, your windows can sweat or fog because of the difference in temperatures. If you are having trouble with window condensation then it could be because your home could be tightly closed. Today’s tightly closed modern home can be heated for less then the amount of heat it took to heat house years ago. Window Condensation also can result in the use of everyday modern appliances such as new dryers, and ovens. This article states the following reasoning as to what causes Window Condensation and how you can prevent the moisture build up on your home and windows.

What Causes Condensation?

Every now and then a little condensation on your windows may not effect you. What happens when the problem becomes excessive and the condensation is blocking the whole window? Many other problems can result with window condensation such as water running off into the woodwork surrounding the window. Sometimes in if the condensation is serious it could ruin wallpaper or plaster. If this is occurring in your home, it’s important to act upon it.

Don’t rush into blaming everyone on your window instillation or ¬†the paint that surrounds it. The only thing to blame is Water Vapor and it is invisible. The only way to prevent this is to get rid of the excess water vapor. The most effective thing to do is equipped your window with good storm windows.

Reducing Condensation 

To reduce condensation in your home you first must understand how to control the humidity in your home. During the warm months your house collects moisture. During the first months of winter, condensation occurs from the heat of your home. A quick solution would be opening a window and the moist air will escape.

Other steps that can occur:

  • Opening or cracking windows daily
  • Install storm windows or replace windows with triple glazing
  • running exhaust fans in the kitchen
  • opening blinds
  • turning off humidifiers
  • using a dehumidifier
  • adding waterproof protection

Reducing window Condensation is simple, when there is too much condensation it means that there is an increase in humidity in your home. Taking the necessary steps above to reduce the window condensation will help reduce it. Don’t act quick and have your windows replace, windows don’t cause condensation.

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