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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Standard Installation?

    Standard installation is removing the old wooden window from inside the home. The interior trim is removed, the old window is taken out, and the new window is inserted, insulated, and caulked. The existing trim is put back on. If you are replacing aluminum or steel windows, there will be a small additional charge since it is a bit more difficult to get your old windows out.
  • How will the outside windows be finished?

    If desired, when the new windows are being installed, we can go outside and cover all exterior wood casing on each window with a custom fit, finished aluminum trim for a maintenance free exterior. This is normally added to your standard installation cost. On some homes this exterior trim is not necessary.
  • How long will the total window installation take?

    For an average job (12 to 20 windows), the inside installation takes one to four days. If required, the outside finish aluminum trim work usually takes an additional day or two to complete.
  • What damage or repairs should I expect from the installation?

    There should be no wall damage. When we reinstall the interior trim casing on each new window there will be some finish nail holes that may need to be filled and touched up with paint.
  • How long will my house be open to the weather without windows in place?

    Normally no longer than one hour per window. In the summertime we may do more than one window at a time, which means a longer time that the space is open.
  • Do I have to arrange for disposal of old windows?

    No. Unless you want the old windows, we will take away the old windows and clean up all the debris from the job site as we do the window installations.One of the most important things to consider when purchasing vinyl replacement windows for your home is who will install them. A bad installation can quickly subtract from the benefits of upgrading your windows. This is why we hire our own professional installers to install your vinyl replacement windows.

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