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The entire Guardian ClimaGuard® family of residential glass products ensure comfort, security, and energy savings. Continually developing glass innovations, Guardian glass engineers work towards a goal of more energy efficient, beautiful, comfortable and safe homes for you. Guardian works with us to develop windows that are more energy-efficient, block 99.99% of UV rays for superior fade protection; reduce sound transfer; provide protection, privacy, security, beauty and more. Guardian is also at the forefront of innovative residential technologies like vacuum insulated glass (VIG), advanced coatings including triple-silver and anti-condensation, spacer systems and surface-four coatings. For the most technologically advanced, energy efficient windows, you need Guardian ClimaGuard glass, otherwise its just another window.

ClimaGuard Low-E Energy Management Glass: Guardian’s residential low-E products are formulated to meet specific solar- and energy-control needs of different climates and geographic regions using energy codes and guidelines such as ENERGY STAR.

ClimaGuard LamiGlass™ also blocks 99.9% of UV rays and offers superior Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings to reduce sound transfer through the glass to help keep a quiet home. ClimaGuard LamiGlass also protects homeowners by increasing intruder resistance and preserving window integrity after most impacts. It can be combined with a ClimaGuard Low-E product for solar and energy cost efficiency.

ClimaGuard Tempered Glass is four to five times stronger than regular glass and is often referred to as “safety glass,” because it meets the requirements of various code organizations.

When you need light but want beauty and privacy, try ClimaGuard SatinDeco®, an elegant acid-etched glass that offers homes a luxurious privacy or, ClimaGuard Patterned, with designs to enhance the beauty of your living space.

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