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In 1989, Edgetech revolutionized the window industry with the introduction of its Super Spacer, featuring TrueWARM® edge technology. Super Spacer was the world’s first 100 percent polymer foam, NO-Metal warm edge spacer system. Even today, Edgetech continues to drive product innovation as Super Spacer still serves as the benchmark for quality in the insulating glass industry.So when you’re buying new windows, don’t forget to ask what type of spacer is used. It can make all the difference in the long-term durability, energy efficiency, mold prevention and sound transmission. Windows are a big investment.

Be sure to invest wisely with Super Spacer.Super Spacer Facts: More than a billion feet of Super Spacer has been sold worldwide. Super Spacer has a better U-Value than spacers that contain metal, meaning less heat passes through the window. Windows made with Super Spacer outlast the rest in the industry’s toughest test for durability, the P-1 chamber – lasting up to 125 weeks. Experts estimate that one week in the P-1 chamber is approximately equivalent to one year of service, so Super Spacer can last up to … well, you do math. With Super Spacer, condensation is virtually eliminated.

  • Super Spacer not only boosts perimeter performance, it can also help enhance overall R~values by as much as 30%.
  • Drastically reduces heat loss over typical aluminum spacer.
  • Reduces condensation during the most severe temperatures.

On average, performs longer than any other spacer in the industry to give you many years of dependable service! Comes with a 20-year guarantee against seal breakage.

Energy Efficiency—with Super Spacer, window energy ratings are significantly improved, edge to edge, because maximum warm edge effects are achieved.

Appearance—Super Spacer’s crisp, clean appearance sets off any style window frame and is guaranteed never to have surface blistering or bubbling.

Noise Reduction—with Super Spacer, the glass window edge is acoustically dampened, and spacer squeak and rattle are eliminated.

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