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How to Cure Window Condensation in Your Home

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Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air so a little fog on the lower corners of your windows now and then probably doesn’t bother you. By the time you’ve thought about it a second time it has usually gone away. But, what if you have condensation that blocks your whole window with fog or frost?  If you have this kind of condensation on your windows, you have good reasons to be concerned.


Heres a list of 7 ways to control the condensation:

1.) Install storm windows or replacement windows with double or triple glazing.

2.) Shut off furnace humidifier and any other humidifying devices in your home.

3.) Be sure that louvers in attic or basement crawl spaces are open and that they are large enough.

4.) Run kitchen or other ventilating fans longer and more often than has been your custom.

5.) Open fireplace damper to allow easier escape for moisture.

6.) Air out your house a few minutes each day. Air out kitchen, laundry and bathrooms during use or just following use.

7.) If troublesome condensation persists see your heating contractor about an outside air intake for your furnace; about venting of gas-burning heaters and appliances; or about installation of ventilating fans.

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