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What actually saves you money with energy efficient windows?

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If you have considered replacing your old outdated windows because of looks, you should also consider the energy you will save. Vinyl replacement windows are great for keeping your heat or air conditioning inside the house where it belongs.
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How does it work?

1. Vinyl construction- Vinyl is a great material for saving money, being relatively inexpensive and durable; it also conducts less heat than materials like wood, and metal. Making it a great choice for energy efficient products.

2. Foam Spacers- The ever so important gaps in between vinyl windows walls, is very important. The Foam spacers provide added insulation and reduce heat conductivity.

3. Weather Stripping- A good seal is important and caulking and weather stripping can result in big energy savings. New windows have multi-layer weatherstripping pre built in to keep our the elements.

4. Double and triple pane insulated glass- Adding an extra window pane adds insulations and helps reduce the amount of cold or heat that can transfer through the window. Keeping the warmth or cool in and the outside temperatures out.

5. Low- E coatings and glazes- glass pane coating can help increase or decrease the amount of sunlight that transfers through the windows in your home. Changing the amount of coating you can help your heating or cooling costs with more reflective glass. A room with lots of sunlight could use a less reflective glass and help heat your home in the winter.

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