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Clearview Vinyl Energy Star Window Installation in Cicero, NY

Cicero Replacement Windows

Clearview Vinyl was hard at work replacing nine Energy Star Vinyl Windows on this brick Colonial apartment building in Cicero, NY. At Clearview Vinyl Replacement Windows, we not only install the windows in any style home, but we build them from 100% Virgin Vinyl right here in Central New York. All of our windows are Energy Star certified and come with a warranty for the entire time you live in your home!

This Cicero, NY property owner wanted to increase their structure’s value as well as provide solid protection for their tenants against high heating and cooling costs. The technicians at Clearview Vinyl created windows tailored to this owner’s specifications, and then expertly installed them with maximum protection against leaks and weather. No matter what the age of the building, Clearview Vinyl professionals have the experience to tackle any window replacement job with outstanding results!

What are the benefits of installing Clearview Vinyl’s Energy Star Windows?

Energy Star CertifiedAll of Clearview Vinyl Replacement Windows are Energy Star Certified. According to Energy there are numerous benefits of installing Energy Star windows. At Clearview Vinyl, we think the best product we can offer is one that is backed by superior craftsmanship and service from creation to post-installation.

  • Save an Average of 12 percent per year installing Clearview Vinyl’s Energy Star Windows vs double-pane clear glass windows! That is a savings of $101-$583 dollars per year, EVERY year!
  • No more Fall and Winter window drafts! Installing Clearview Vinyl Replacement windows keeps your house toastier during the colder months in Upstate, NY! Our installers at Clearview Vinyl have years of experience to ensure that your windows will be a perfect fit.
  • Block out Summer Heat! During those sunny Summer months, use less air conditioning and fans. Our Energy Star Certified windows block the hot temperatures, keeping your home nice and cool!
  • Protect your home from damaging UV rays! Damaging UV rays coming in through traditional windows cause all kinds of damage to your valuable possessions. Our Clearview Vinyl Energy Star Windows will help keep your home’s interior looking like new!
  • Installing Energy Star Certified Windows increases the value and overall curb appeal of your home! Since all our windows we make at Clearview Vinyl are Energy Star Certified, you can have peace of mind while selecting the right windows for your home.
  • Guaranteed Certified Performance with Energy Star Windows! All our windows we make at Clearview Vinyl Replacement Windows undergo strict quality guidelines to be able to achieve the Energy Star Certification!


If you have been considering replacing your drafty, old windows with locally made Energy Star Windows, give the experts at Clearview Vinyl a call at 315-821-2222 or CONTACT US online for a FREE estimate!

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