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Window Replacements in Baldwinsville, NY

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Baldwinsville - Close-Up After

Clearview Vinyl Windows were recently in Baldwinsville, NY to replace the existing windows on a multi-story home. After assessing the home and the customer’s wishes, we quickly went to work to replace the aging fixed windows with our popular side by side double hung windows.

Replacing Old Fixed Windows

We meet many homeowners with drafty, broken, foggy windows, that just don’t do the job anymore. Maybe the latches are broken and no longer secure the home or the windows have just become drafty over the years. Replacement windows are a great solution to these common problems. Our popular side by side double hung vinyl windows used in this project feature two tilting, movable sashes that make cleaning and ventilation easy. Since vinyl is a great insulator the new windows will provide improved energy efficiency helping to make the home more comfortable and save money on energy bills year-round.

Vinyl Windows Colors

A dark brown color was selected to compliment the home’s existing brown color palette. Our vinyl windows come in a variety of colors so matching a home’s existing style is easy! The new windows will never need to be re-painted and will resist pollution, salt, spray and dirt to keep the windows looking great for years and years to come!

As always our customer was very happy with their new windows. Whether you may be looking to enhance the look of your home or upgrading energy efficiency don’t hesitate to give Clearview Vinyl a call at (315) 821-2222 or submit a free online estimate. Our windows are built locally in Oriskany Falls and are built specifically for your home or building. We are proud to serve the entire Central New York region including Syracuse, Utica, Rome, Cooperstown and Boonville just to name a few!

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