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Why should you update your home with new windows?

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There are many reasons why homeowners may choose to replace their windows. Old windows, single pane windows, windows that won’t open or remain open, cracked glass, leaky frames, condensation issues, and rotted wood are a few of the many reasons why replacing windows is commonly needed.

Replacing windows is usually a grand investment for most homeowners. While window replacement is frequently done for resale value and safety, it is also a major plus for the level of energy efficiency. When you replace your windows, one of the biggest benefits you’ll start seeing right away is energy savings. The design and manufacturing processes of today’s vinyl windows make them more energy efficient than windows installed even ten years ago. New windows will save on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Replacement vinyl windows will typically perform much better than your old windows at blocking external forces. New windows should be able to withstand higher winds without being drafty, and have tight seals to keep out the rain.

Besides weather, new windows can also reduce the amount of outside noise entering your home. Older windows, especially those made of wood, are notoriously difficult to open whether it’s from years of layers of paint or from wood rot.

New windows can improve or even change the look of your home. Rotting frames and sills, peeling paint, cracked panes, and condensation between the glass all detract from the look of your home. You can replace your old windows with new windows in a similar style, shape, and color. Or you can choose to change the look of your home by changing window configurations, adding a window to an empty wall, choosing a different trim color, or opting for a different grid configuration.

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