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Warning Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows

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Even the highest quality of windows eventually experience problems and need to be replaced. Years of use can really wear your windows down and cause them to have structural and energy efficient problems. Do not lose out on more money because of high heating bills, check out these warning signs to see if you need to replace your windows.


If you have double or triple-paned windows and you are noticing condensation inside the glass, then it may be time to replace your windows. Any sort of condensation in between the glass panels indicates that there is a seal failure. When a seal fails, moisture is able to enter the space between the panes of glass and as a result, air will condense on the glass. Once this happens, the insulated glass is no longer creating a barrier between the indoor and outdoor air.

Difficulty opening and shutting windows

If you are unable to open or close your windows properly, its time to get new windows. Dysfunctional windows leave your home vulnerable to a break in and reduces your homes level of insulation. This is also true for older double hung or single hung windows because they have an issue with balance. When the balance fails, windows can slam shut suddenly, creating a safety hazard.

You feel a draft indoors

Highly insulated windows will let in a little bit of air, but it should never be something that you can feel or notice. Over time windows tend to wear out and let more and more air in, so it’s important to fix the problem or else you will see an in your heating bill.

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