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Eliminating Ice Buildup on Windows

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iStock_000005480388_SmallEliminating ice buildup on windows can be a concern a lot of homeowners have. Once it gets cold in the fall, houses with air that’s too moist or that have low-quality windows will start to have condensation on their windows. In winter, the condensation turns to ice.

This happens because water vapor in the air condenses to liquid on cool surfaces and turns to ice on really cold surfaces. A little window condensation in the fall is normal, but it should not persist or become an ice problem in the winter.

There are two basic ways to prevent window condensation problems: Install quality windows, or lower the indoor humidity.

The key to lowering humidity in the home in to increase circulation and ventilation.

Opening windows on a daily basis is one way to do that, although this is not always feasible due to the outside conditions. Another way to increase ventilation is to operate bath and kitchen exhaust fans part of every day to expel excess moisture. This is in addition to the time the exhaust fans are used when bathing and cooking. Be sure that exhaust fans blow directly outside and not into attic or open space above the ceiling. It’s also important that exhaust fans don’t interfere with the correct operation of the furnace and water heater and that the air they pull into the house doesn’t come from an attached garage.

Windows with poor thermal performance are prone to condensation and are considered to be of low quality. Better windows to consider are typically such windows as double-paned, gas-filled, warm-edge windows.

High-quality windows or low u-value windows can handle higher indoor humidity levels, which is desirable for comfort and health.


If you’re ready to switch your windows, let us know! We’d be more than happy to help you be more comfortable at your home, ice buildup free!

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