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How To Clean Vinyl Windows

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If you have installed vinyl windows you’re probably aware of the fact that they’re pretty low maintenance. However, you may be wondering – How do I clean vinyl windows? Below are some how-to steps to help you clean vinyl windows.


• Do not power-wash windows or use a garden hose;
this can cause seal failure and allow water to enter the
• When cleaning exterior, multi-story windows, begin with
the upper story and work down.
• Avoid using metal tools, razor blades, or other sharp
objects and abrasive cleaners. They can damage window
surfaces, scratch glass and remove exterior glass coatings.
• Aggressive cleaners or solvents can damage vinyl surfaces
and may cause yellowing. Immediately rinse and dry.
• Do not allow cleaners to puddle or collect at glass edges
near glazing materials.
• Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight or in temperatures too
hot or too cold.
• Avoid excessive rubbing and over-cleaning.
• Do not scour.
• Clean and rinse one area at a time.
• Clean vinyl windows twice a year (monthly in coastal areas) or when dirty.
• After-market tints and films are not recommended, as they
may cause damage to the glass and/or sealant.
• Baby shampoo or mild soap and water or vinegar and
• Several clean, soft, non-abrasive, absorbent Chamois or
lint-free dry cloths
• Soft bristle brush
• Spray bottle
• Vacuum cleaner
• Sponge
• Appropriate solvent (for hardware only)
• Commercial glass cleaning products or solvents (for
stubborn stains)
• Plastic putty knife (for paint or label removal)
• Plastic wrap (for label removal)
• Spray silicone


1. Remove screen and place screen into tub or shower
if indoors; on lawn or hard surface if outdoors (avoid
exposure to dirt). For retractable screens, clean in place.
2. Gently spray with water and brush lightly with soft bristle
brush until clean (use gentle spray nozzle setting).

For stubborn dirt,
1. Gently scrub with soft bristle brush with mild soap
and water.
2. Rinse clean.
3. Reinstall screen when dry.

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